Cyprus: Declassified


Cabinet Minutes, 129/90, November 1957, National Archives (pages 47, 85 and 127)

‘US embassy cables: UK foreign office tries to smooth relations with US over Cyprus flights’ (US Embassy UK, 20 May 2008)



‘”An assault upon the people”’ (Cyprus Mail, 31 May 2015)

‘Grivas: a generally bitter man’ (Cyprus Mail, 28 October 2014)

‘Somalia “could be base for subversion” – 1960 Foreign Office documents’ (Guardian, 27 September 2013)

‘Britain waged psychological war in Cyprus’ (Times, 27 December 2012)

‘Cyprus torture victim still seeking UK apology’ (The National, 29 October 2012)

‘Files reveal brutal treatment meted out by British forces in 1950s Cyprus’ (Guardian, 7 July 2012)

‘Secret files reveal Makarios was sent poison’ (NeosKosmos, 5 January 2012)

1974 invasion

‘UK government failed in its duties’ (Cyprus Mail, 5 January 2005)

‘Tentative plans for a Cypriot intervention’ (Guardian, 1 January 2005)


‘”Greece offered to send troops in 1983 after TRNC declared”’ (Cyprus Mail, 7 July 2015)

‘Declassified UK documents reveal Greece planned Cyprus invasion in 1983’ (Ecoiku, 7 July 2015)

‘Secret memos show efforts of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ to maintain Cyprus base’ (Guardian, 29 November 2013)

‘Declassified Cypriot 1980 Foreign Office Documents Released by U.K’ (Greek Report, 1 January 2011)

‘UK overruled on Lebanon spy flights from Cyprus, WikiLeaks cables reveal’ (Guardian, 2 December 2010)

‘British declassified documents unveiled partition considered’ (Cyprus Forum, 29 December 2006)

‘Britain Kept Secret Nuclear Weapons In Singapore & Cyprus’ (Sunday Times, 31 December 2000)




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