Cambodia: Declassified

Documents   ‘Kampuchea: Britain withdraws recognition from Pol Pot while refusing it to Heng Samrin‘, (US Embassy Cable, Wikileaks, 7 December 1979) ‘Thatcher visit: Indo-China refugees‘ (US Embassy Cable, Wikileaks, 28 November 1979) Articles ‘Year Zero‘ (John Pilger, Tell me no lies, 2004) ‘How Thatcher gave Pol Pot a hand‘ (John Pilger, New Statesman, 17 April 2000)   […]

Turkey: Declassified

Documents ‘Turkey Energy Company Development‘ (Snowden files, 29 October 2008) ‘Turkey: Erdogan talks PKK in the UK‘, (US embassy cable, Wikileaks, 25 October 2007)   Articles ‘What has WikiLeaks revealed about the Blair and Brown governments?‘ (Defend Wikileaks, 2019) ‘British documents on Karamanlis declassified’ (Cyprus Forum, 29 December 2006, RT, 27 September 2016) ‘Turkey “had dissident […]

Belize: Declassified

Documents Reagan letter to Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher Foundation, 4 August 1983)   Articles ‘”We Sent a Man to His Death”: How the British Army Betrayed Its Own Informant to a Murderous Junta‘ (Phil Miller, Vice, 2 August 2016) ‘Revealed: How the British Army Cooperated with the Murderous Guatemalan Regime During its Bloody Civil War‘ (Phil Miller, Vice, 31 […]

Nicaragua: Declassified

Articles ‘The assassination business‘ (Scotsman, 26 July 1988)        

Qatar: Declassified

Articles ‘”Excited at the Prospect” UK Used Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait to Boost Arms Sales‘ (Sputnik News, 16 August 2017)    

Cuba: Declassified

Documents Joint Intelligence Committee, Cuban developments and their impact on the Caribbean, 1961 Foreign Office, ‘Cuba‘ (National Archives, AK 1261/667, 1962) UK Embassy in Cuba to Foreign Office, ‘The Cuban Crisis – Chapters I and II’, 10 November 1962 Cabinet, ‘Cuba: Threat posed by Soviet missiles’, 26 October 1962 ‘The Cuban Crisis’, 1962 (National Security […]

Lebanon: Declassified

Articles Israeli invasion, 1982 ‘West turned blind eye to Israel’s involvement in Sabra and Shatila “slaughter“‘ (The National, 4 August 2013) ‘British files reveal outrage at Lebanon invasion‘ (The National, 13 January 2013) ‘Arabs are “losing faith” in America: lessons from Lebanon 1982‘ (Guardian, 4 January 2013)   Other ‘Revealed – Mubarak, Thatcher and Reagan Secretly Negotiated […]

Bahrain: Declassified

Articles Ian Henderson/torture ‘Classified document on Bahrain rankles Britain decades later’ (Reuters, 21 May 2015) ‘Britain’s special relationship with Bahrain’ (Al-Bab, 18 May 2015) ‘Judge Orders Further Partial Release Of Henderson Files’ (Bahrain Watch, 17 May 2015) ‘Campaigners lose battle to release cable detailing historic UK relations with Bahrain’ (Independent, 17 May 2015) ‘Government refuses […]

Nigeria: Declassified

Documents ‘US embassy cables: Shell seeks to share Nigeria intelligence’ (US Embassy, Nigeria, 19 September 2008) Articles Biafra war, 1967-70 Mark Curtis, Nigeria’s war over Biafra, 1967-70 (Extract from Unpeople, 2004) ‘British secret files on Nigeria’s first bloody coup, path to Biafra’, Part 2, (Daily Trust, 7 August 2016) ‘Britain Exposes Crimes Committed By Gowon […]

Zimbabwe/Rhodesia: Declassified

Documents UK and Zimbabwe, 1979-81 (Prime Minister, Global Black History) Articles 1980s Matabeleland ‘The Matabeleland Massacres: Britain’s wilful blindness‘ (Hazel Cameron, International History Review, April 2017) ‘British policy towards Zimbabwe during Matabeleland massacre: licence to kill‘ (The Conversation, 17 September 2017) ‘UK downplayed Robert Mugabe massacre in Zimbabwe‘ (The Week, 18 May 2017) ‘Britain “turned blind eye […]