East Timor / Timor Leste: Declassified

Documents ‘Declassified British Documents Reveal U.K. Support for Indonesian Invasion and Occupation of East Timor, 1975-1976’ (31 documents, National Security Archive) Articles ‘Declassified British Documents Reveal U.K. Support for Indonesian Invasion and Occupation of East Timor, 1975-1976’ (Hugh Dowson, National Security Archive) ‘UK embassy lied over fate of Timor journalists’ (Guardian, 1 December 2005) ‘Indonesia, […]

Middle East (general): Declassified

UK files/articles on the Middle East show, among other things, UK support to Gulf elites, the importance of controlling oil and keeping the region divided, and plans to use nuclear weapons to deny Soviet control of oil. Documents Defence Intelligence paper, ‘Presentation to Sir William Luce on the Gulf’, August 1970 (click here) Foreign Office, […]

Kenya: Declassified

  These UK files/articles on the brutal UK war in Kenya in 1950s highlight mass killings, starvation as policy, torture, forced labour, rape as well as cover-ups and destroying of evidence.   Documents ‘Kenya: Memorandum by the Secretary of State for the Colonies’, (13 November 1957, National Archives, at page 85) Articles 1950s war against […]

Cyprus: Declassified

Documents Cabinet Minutes, 129/90, November 1957, National Archives (pages 47, 85 and 127) ‘US embassy cables: UK foreign office tries to smooth relations with US over Cyprus flights’ (US Embassy UK, 20 May 2008) Articles  1950s ‘”An assault upon the people”’ (Cyprus Mail, 31 May 2015) ‘Grivas: a generally bitter man’ (Cyprus Mail, 28 October […]

Malaya / Malaysia: Declassified

Articles 1948-60 war Mark Curtis, The war in Malaya, 1948-60 (Extract from Web of Deceit, 2003) ‘MI5 in Ceylon – the untold story’ (Phil Miller, Open Democracy, 5 November 2013) ‘British colonial files released following legal challenge’ (BBC, 18 April 2012) ‘Colonial Office files detail ‘eliminations’ to choke Malayan insurgency’ (Guardian, 18 April 2012) ‘Batang […]

Vietnam: Declassified

Articles 1945 ‘Britain’s secret wars’ (Ian Cobain, Guardian, 8 September 2016) US war, 1960s Mark Curtis, The US war in Vietnam, 1961-73 (Extract from Unpeople, 2004) ‘Britain, Vietnam and the Special Relationship’ (History Today, 12 December 2013) ‘A Jungle Too Far: Britain and the Vietnam War’ (National Army Museum, 6 December 2012)   Other ‘Margaret […]

FCO, Planning Staff draft paper, ‘British objectives and priorities in Africa South of the Sahara, 1976-80’, November 1975

“Traditionally, from the days of trade in slaves and ivory, Africa has supplied natural products to Europe and received finished goods in exchange”. New UK investment in Sub-Saharan Africa was £148.1m or 9.1% of all overseas investment in 1973 – of that, 5.4% was to South Africa. Total stock of UK investment in SSA in […]

R.Wilding, Treasury, draft paper, ‘Flexibility in the national economy in relation to defence and allied expenditure’, 13 October 1959

Paper for the Future Policy study. “We cannot but security or prosperity by investing money in soldiers or in trade promotion and it is not necessarily true that the more we spend on either, the safer and richer we shall be. Both our security and our prosperity depend rather upon the existence of a favourable […]

Steering Committee of the Future Policy Group, ‘The future of Anglo-American relations’, Draft, October 1959

“For the last yeo [sic] years Anglo-American relations have been extremely good. We have succeeded in consolidating and extending our position as the first ally of the United States and the coordination of policy between the two governments has never been so far-reaching and satisfactory. As long as this situation continues, the basis of our […]

British foreign policy, ‘The scope for change’, 1974

J.Cable to staff in PUS Planning Committee, 12 February 1974 Cover note attaching a report: “British Foreign Policy: the scope for change”. Notes that the FCO Planning Staff have produced this paper “as a basis for discussion by the Planning Committee of the changes that might have to be made in British foreign policy to […]