Ten year’s of New Labour’s arms exports: A Review

By Mark Curtis Reviewing British arms exports for the ten-year period under New Labour, the figures speak for themselves: – The UK has exported £45 billion worth of arms around the world since 1997. – Over £110m of military equipment has gone to Israel, throughout a period of offensive operations in the occupied territories and […]

The future of British foreign policy

A UK Watch interview with Mark Curtis, 7 May 2007 What do you expect from a Brown premiership? Is British foreign policy likely to change at all? There have been no public signs that foreign policy is likely to change. Brown has been four-square behind Blair on foreign policy, including, of course, Iraq, which he […]

Britain’s unethical foreign policy: Response to Oxfam

I was interested to see Oxfam director Barbara Stocking (The world before Iraq, April 11) claiming that the UK “arguably pursued a relatively successful foreign policy until the misadventure in Iraq.” Britain illegally bombed Iraq in 1998, was the chief apologist for Russia’s bloody onslaught against Chechnya in 1999, increased the export of military equipment […]

A real power struggle

The Guardian, 18 October 2006 Addressing overseas development without discussing the regulation of big business is like talking about malaria without mentioning mosquitoes. Yet New Labour’s supposed commitment to eradicating global poverty does not even pretend to seek to rein in multinational corporations. A draft bill before parliament that has been ignored by the media […]

New Labour and international development

Speech to the European Social Forum, London, 15 October 2004 Mark Curtis There is a great myth currently being peddled not only here but elsewhere in Europe – that the British government has a positive development agenda and is a champion of the world’s poor. Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown are posing as the […]

Web of Deceit: A critique of Britain’s foreign policy

The 3rd Centre for Global Education annual lecture, Delivered at Queen’s University, Belfast, October 2004 Mark Curtis In my last book, Web of Deceit, I tried to show that the reality is that Britain under New Labour is a systematic violator of international law and ethical standards in its foreign policy – in effect, an […]

Complicity in a million deaths

By Mark Curtis Chapter in John Pilger (ed), Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and its Triumphs, Jonathan Cape, London, 2004. Available at: http://www.word-power.co.uk/catalogue/0224062883 “I have never concealed from you my belief that a little shooting in Indonesia would be an essential preliminary to effective change.” (Britain’s ambassador to Indonesia, letter to the Foreign Office, 1965) […]

Introduction to: ‘John Pilger: Documentaries that changed the world’

by Mark Curtis  The DVD collection can be found at: http://www.johnpilger.com/page.asp?partid=146 John Pilger is surely the most outstanding journalist and film-maker in the world today and these twelve films are testimony to that. No other film-maker has consistently exposed the reality of Western governments’ policies and revealed their lies to us, the public. As an […]

Britain and the G8: A champion of the world’s poor?

Mark Curtis Chapter in Gill Hubbard and David Miller (eds), Arguments against G8, Pluto, London, 2005, available at http://www.plutobooks.com/cgi-local/nplutobrows.pl?chkisbn=0745324207&main=&second=&third=&foo=../ssi/ssfooter.ssi In 2005, Britain is hosting (or by the time you read this book will have hosted) the summit meeting of the G8 countries in Gleneagles, Scotland. New Labour ministers have been clamouring to publicly demonstrate their commitment […]

Stop the war

Mark Curtis  Contribution to Andrew Murray and Lindsey German, Stop the War: The story of Britain’s biggest mass movement, Bookmarks, 2005 – available at http://www.word-power.co.uk/catalogue/1905192002 Anyone who believes that the protest movement against the Iraq war was a failure should consider the Blair’s government’s military planning. Over the last seven years the government has been developing […]