Why the UK must rethink its support for Saudi Arabia

Article published in Middle East Eye, 2 March 2018 by Mark Curtis Government policies are meant to promote the national interest but the upcoming visit to the UK of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman highlights something quite different – Whitehall’s pursuit of a special relationship that endangers the British public. Theresa May says the […]

Research volunteers needed

Hello! I’ve now published on this site hundreds of UK declassified documents and articles on British foreign policy towards various countries. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response, highlighting how interested many people are in the UK’s past and present policies. Much more needs to be added from the original archives. However, one other key […]

Somalia: Declassified

Documents ‘PDAS Carter informed that UK to increase Somalia engagement’ (US Embassy, UK, 24 July 2009) ‘Somalia: UK set to put resources to new policy’ (US Embassy, UK, 15 January 2010) ‘Somaliland Protectorate and the Horn of Africa’ (Note by the Cabinet Secretary, 15 February 1957) Articles ‘Somalia “could be base for subversion” – 1960 […]

Rwanda: Declassified

Documents ‘Inside the UN Security Council: April–July 1994’ (National Security Archive) Articles ‘Britain ignored genocide threat in Rwanda’ (Independent, 9 March 2014)          

Singapore: Declassified

Articles ‘British archives, personal accounts, confirm extent of Communist United Front activities here: PM Lee’ (Straits Times, 20 December 2014) ‘PM Lee on declassified British documents: Revisionists “still deny historical facts”’ (The Newspaper, 21 December 2014) ‘Britain Kept Secret Nuclear Weapons In Singapore & Cyprus’ (Sunday Times, 31 December 2000) ‘What is it about the […]

Nepal: Declassified

Documents Permanent Under-Secretary’s Planning Committee, ‘Country Assessment Sheets’, 1974 (click here) Articles ‘The allegations against MI6 are serious – so why aren’t they front page news?’ (Politics.co.uk, 16 December 2014) ‘Britain accused of conniving at torture of Maoists in Nepal’s civil war’ (Guardian, 31 August 2014)        

Mauritius: Declassified

Documents ‘US embassy cables: Foreign Office does not regret evicting Chagos islanders’ (US Embassy, UK, 15 May 2009) Articles ‘SSR and the Independence of Mauritius’ (Le Mauricien, 18 September 2014) ‘WikiLeaks cables: Mauritius sues UK for control of Chagos islands’ (21 December 2010)      

India: Declassified

UK files on India highlight involvement in the bloody 1984 Amritsar raid and an assassination attempt against pro-independence leader, Subhas Chandra Bose, among other policies. Documents Prime Minister’s Office file on Amritsar Raid (Stop Deportations, 1984) ‘US embassy cables: UK presses Pakistan for “quick action” after Mumbai attacks; US says UK is “over-reacting” (US Embassy, […]

Greece: Declassified

Articles ‘Britain Bugged Germany’s Plan for BRICS Rescue Bailout for Greece in 2011’ (Sputnik News, 9 July 2015) ‘Declassified UK documents reveal Greece planned Cyprus invasion in 1983’ (Ecoiku, 7 July 2015) ‘”Greece offered to send troops in 1983 after TRNC declared”’ (Cyprus Mail, 7 July 2015) ‘UK government failed in its duties’ (Cyprus Mail, […]

Gibraltar: Declassified

Documents ‘Declassified documents bring “Mintoffian” into diplomatic lexicon’ (Times of Malta, 4 September 2016) ‘Secret documents shed light on 1987 airport agreement’ (Gibraltar Chronicle, 22 February 2016) ‘Margaret Thatcher worried about Gibraltar during the Falklands war’ (Guardian, 28 December 2012) ‘Spain’s King Juan Carlos told Britain: “we don’t want Gibraltar back”’ (Telegraph, 6 January 2014) […]