Grenada: Declassified

  UK files/articles on Grenada show the UK’s secret plan to invade a decade before the US did so in 1983, and the rift between Thatcher and Reagan over the latter.   Documents ‘Operational Planning: Caribbean, Grenada, internal security’, DEFE 25/367 (1974-9) (National Archives) ‘Internal situation in Grenada’, FCO 63/1138 (1973) (National Archives) ‘Internal siuation […]

Syria: Declassified

Articles 1957 coup planning Mark Curtis, British plans to overthrow the Syrian government, 1956-7  (Extract from Secret Affairs, 2012) ‘Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot’ (Guardian, 27 September 2003) Other ‘Secret UK Papers on Afghanistan Reveal Parallels With Syria War Tactics’ (Sputnik News, 24 August 2016) ‘Scheming spies leave paper trail’ (Guardian, 27 September 2003) ‘Jordan asked Nixon […]

Oman: Declassified

Documents Oman 1957-9 (Mark Curtis files from National Archives) Oman 1965-72 (Mark Curtis files from National Archives) Foreign Office, The coup in Oman, 1970 Articles Mark Curtis, The war in Oman, 1957-59 (Extract from Unpeople, 2004) ‘Files on Mark Thatcher’s dealings in Oman to remain secret for now’ (Guardian, 21 July 2016) ‘Secret files on […]

Jordan: Declassified

Documents Jordan, 1957 (Mark Curtis files from the National Archives) Jordan, 1970-1 (Mark Curtis files from the National Archives) ‘US embassy cables: Prince Andrew hunts with Arab leaders’ (US Embassy Abu Dhabi, 3 June 2003) Articles Mark Curtis, Britain’s role in the war in Palestine, 1948 (Extract from Secret Affairs, 2012) ‘Jordan asked Nixon to attack […]

Chagos Islands: Declassified

Documents J.Jackson, FCO Defence Department, to J.Cable, Planning Staff, 19 February 1974 (click here) MoD, Permanent Under Secretaries Committee, Minutes of a meeting on 7 January 1974 (click here) ‘US embassy cables: Foreign Office does not regret evicting Chagos islanders’ (US Embassy, UK, 15 May 2009) Articles Mark Curtis, ‘The depopulation of the Chagos Islands, […]

Afghanistan: Declassified

  UK files/articles on Afghanistan highlight UK support for the mujahidin in the 1980s, its covert role in targeted killings and in torture. Documents ‘Memorandum of Conversation, “Summary of the President’s Telephone Conversation – Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, 28 December 1979’ (National Security Archive) ‘US embassy cables: Nato commander criticises British anti-drug strategy’ (US Embassy, Afghanistan, […]

Chiefs of Staff Committee, Joint Planning Staff, ‘Role of the colonial territories in peace and war: report by the Joint Planning Staff’, 8 January 1958

“It has been agreed by the Chiefs of Staff that the role of the colonial territories in general terms should be: (a) to provide for their own internal security, first to release the forces of the strategic reserve during the present cold war from debilitating diversions and, secondly, to ensure the stability of the colonies […]

Hugh Carless, Latin America Department, FCO, to J.Cable, Planning Staff, 18 February 1974

Commenting on draft paper on “Potential problems in British foreign policy”, with heading: “New problems with Argentina if oil exploration licences are granted around the Falklands”. “This problem cannot of course be divorced from the existing problem of the Argentine claim to the Falklands… HMG’s current policy of refusing licences to all applicants is being […]

Permanent Under Secretary’s Planning Staff paper, ‘British foreign policy: Opportunities and dangers’, 1 December 1975

“North/South relations”. Developing countries “want this trade to be conducted on more favourable terms than at present and, in the last resort, this can only come about of world prosperity as a whole increases of Western consumers put their hands more deeply into one or other of their pockets… By skilful diplomacy, coupled with some […]

Permanent Under Secretary’s Planning Committee, ‘Country assessment sheets’, 8 November 1974

“Country assessment sheet: Iran” “Iran is basically pro-Western and is rapidly approaching major economic and political status in the world”. Iran provided 19% of UK oil supplies in 1973. “In addition British oil companies earn substantial amounts of foreign exchange from oil obtained from Iran. BP have an arrangement whereby they can pick up 20% […]