British government continues to aid repression in human rights-abusing countries, new data shows

by Mark Curtis and Matt Kennard Published in The Daily Maverick, 20 September 2019   The British government is continuing to approve the export of hi-tech surveillance equipment and software of the type that is being used by states abusing human rights to monitor and repress dissent, new government figures show. The government’s exports of […]

Bangladesh: Declassified

Documents ‘US embassy cables: UK police trained Bangladeshi paramilitaries condemned for human rights abuses’ (US Embassy Bangladesh, 14 May 2009) Articles ‘Bangladesh interrogation centre where Britons were taken to be tortured’ (Guardian, 7 January 2011) ‘UK faces legal challenge from family of Bangladeshi allegedly tortured by “death squad”’ (Guardian, 31 December 2010) ‘WikiLeaks cables: Bangladeshi […]