REVEALED: UK Home Office paid £80,000 to a lobby group which has funded Conservative MPs

By Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, Declassified UK, 14 July 2020 The Conservative government gave over £80,000 to a right-wing lobby group which has paid thousands of pounds in benefits to Priti Patel, now home secretary, and Michael Gove, now cabinet office minister, it can be revealed. The Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a London-based neoconservative […]

REVEALED: Veterans of the UK military’s cyber warfare unit are teaching school children how to launch cyber attacks

By Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, Declassified UK, 4 June 2020 GCHQ, the UK’s largest intelligence agency, is enabling a company set up by the former commander of its top-secret cyber warfare unit to enter dozens of British schools, where it is teaching children how to spy on others, to hack, and launch “brute force” […]

Revelations about UK covert operations in Syria challenge media narratives on the war

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 18 May 2020 Newly-discovered documents show how UK covert operations in Syria helped “shape perceptions” of the war. The British government effectively ran Syrian opposition groups’ media offices and created publicity material aimed at Syrian and UK audiences, challenging the idea the UK has played little role in the conflict […]

British government ministers have been complicit in millions of deaths since 1945, so don’t be surprised that they won’t face justice over coronavirus

By Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 2 May 2020 The UK government’s failure to provide protective equipment to all health staff treating coronavirus victims prompts questions whether ministers are legally culpable for failing to prevent deaths. But UK ministers routinely act with impunity and every prime minister since 1945 has been complicit in deaths abroad. At […]

How Britain’s Labour government facilitated the massacre of Biafrans in Nigeria – to protect its oil interests

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 29 April 2020 On the 50-year anniversary of the end of the Biafran war, the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in the late 1960s, declassified British files show that Harold Wilson’s government secretly armed and backed Nigeria’s aggression against the secessionist region. The then Labour government secretly provided large quantities of […]

The UK will spend over £350bn on extravagant military projects while failing to ensure national health security

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 25 March 2020 Britain plans to spend hundreds of billions of pounds on extravagant military projects while the UK’s under-funded public health system struggles to address pandemics such as the coronavirus, new analysis shows. The British government will likely need to spend more than £200-billion over the next decade to […]

How the UK press supports the British military and intelligence establishment

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 11 March 2020 Britain’s national press is acting largely as a platform for the views of the UK military and intelligence establishment, new statistical research by Declassified UK shows.  The UK press, from The Times to The Guardian, is also routinely helping to demonise states identified by the British government as enemies, while tending to […]

How the UK press is misinforming the public about Britain’s role in the world

by Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 9 March 2020 Britain’s national press consistently portrays Britain as a supporter of noble objectives such as human rights and democracy. The extraordinary extent to which the public is being misinformed about the UK’s foreign and military policies is revealed in new statistical research by Declassified UK. The research suggests […]

UK minister who approved Trump’s request to extradite Assange spoke at secretive US conferences with people calling for him to be “neutralized”

by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis Declassified UK, 22 February 2020 The British minister who approved the controversial US request for the UK to extradite publisher Julian Assange attended six secretive meetings organised by a US institute which has published calls for Assange to be assassinated or taken down, it can be revealed. Sajid Javid, […]

Chief magistrate in Assange case received financial benefits from secretive partner organisations of UK Foreign Office

by Mark Curtis and Matt Kennard Declassified UK, 21 February 2020 The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two partner organisations of the British Foreign Office before her appointment, it can be revealed. It can further be revealed that Lady Emma Arbuthnot was appointed Chief Magistrate […]