Contributing to Genocide in Rwanda

By Mark Curtis An edited extract from Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World In the hundreds of media articles on the 1994 Rwanda genocide, there is barely a mention of Britain being a permanent member of the

A Covert War in Bosnia

This is an edited extract from Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam Mark Curtis In March 1992 the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, provoking an attack on its capital, Sarajevo, by Bosnian Serb militias allied to the

Bloodshed and whitewash: Britain and the Rwanda genocide

by Mark Curtis Red Pepper, March 2004 The invasion of Iraq and the Hutton report are two sides of the same coin: the former shows that policies are made by a tiny cabal of people around the prime minister, impervious

The Great Deception

Anglo-American Power and World Order. Debunking some of the myths of post-cold War power, Mark Curtis demonstrates how Britain remains the key supporting player in US domination, and how far from benign that domination is in its impact on the