Somalia: Declassified

Documents ‘PDAS Carter informed that UK to increase Somalia engagement’ (US Embassy, UK, 24 July 2009) ‘Somalia: UK set to put resources to new policy’ (US Embassy, UK, 15 January 2010) ‘Somaliland Protectorate and the Horn of Africa’ (Note by the Cabinet Secretary, 15 February 1957) Articles ‘Somalia “could be base for subversion” – 1960 […]

Cyprus: Declassified

Documents Cabinet Minutes, 129/90, November 1957, National Archives (pages 47, 85 and 127) ‘US embassy cables: UK foreign office tries to smooth relations with US over Cyprus flights’ (US Embassy UK, 20 May 2008) Articles  1950s ‘British colonial forces “raped a teenager and tortured civilians during 1950s Cyprus uprising”‘ (Mail, 14 July 2018) ‘British Intelligence […]